• A new urban metaverse

    Be a citizen in a huge open-world online city

  • Live the life you want

    Put out fires, deliver pizza, be a criminal, be a cop. It’s your choice!

  • Sink some roots

    Buy a place, make it nice, flip it. Work your way from tenement to penthouse!

  • Contribute to your community

    Earn and spend $SPRL by doing the jobs your district needs

Phase 1 Conceptualization Launch Website Phase 2 Team Expansion Launch Whitepaper Launch Discord and Twitter Start marketing and community building Phase 3 Demo launch NFT Job Drop Phase 4 NFT property sale
Why does Web3 matter?

Web3 technology is powered by tokens, allowing us to build an always online city where players have direct ownership over everything from the property, the vehicles, the businesses… even the wider political and economic landscape. Not only does this bring a level of immersion previously unseen, but it also allows the community to share in the prosperity of The Sprawl’s living world.

What is a token?

A token is a record of ownership of an asset. Tokens can be fungible or non-fungible:

  • Fungible tokens are interchangeable and can be earned by doing jobs in The Sprawl.

  • Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are unique and will make up The Sprawl’s vast array of assets from property, vehicles, furniture and other items.

Why NFTs?

The Sprawl will feature a variety of in-game NFTs, allowing citizens to purchase and own assets from digital real estate to in-game items such as vehicles, furniture and clothes.

There are many reasons to buy NFTs, whether it's to signal status, flip on the open market or just to simply join a community. In fact, The Sprawl's first release will include NFT avatars - allowing prospective citizens to hold onto avatars for their favourite jobs, so they can gain exclusive perks and access as the community develops.

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